Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

RIC Portal in Saudi Arabia (referred to as “Raidah Investment Company Portal” or “the Portal”) can be accessed for personal use at: (http://ri.ced.sa/new/page/home/).

Browse and use of the Portal will comply with Saudi Arabia’s regulations and terms and conditions. Logging in the Portal by the user is an implied and unconditioned consent of its terms and conditions of use, regardless if the user is registered or not. This consent will be effective from the date of the first use of the Portal.     

The Portal reflects a meaningful mission with long-term vision and aims to achieve several objectives, including spurring awareness, offering various information about RIC business, providing some online services, and responding to inquiries and questions.      

Terms and conditions of use are subject to further update and modification when needed. Any update or modification of these terms and conditions will be effective once approved by the Portal management. With that in mind, terms and conditions of use must be reviewed and disclaimer must be viewed fully and regularly by the user in order to stay informed of any changes in place.     

By using the Portal Regularly, users confirm their knowledge and full acceptance of any modification made on the terms and conditions, knowing that they involve intellectual rights and that the management is not required to make any announcement of any update on these terms.     

Intellectual Rights:

All material on this Portal, including infographics, software, and data (content) are protected according to the Copywrite Law, Trademark Law, and other acts of intellectual rights. Access to the content and any information posted on the Portal is solely permitted for personal use and non-profit purposes. Reference must be made to the RIC Portal as the exclusive source of this content and information while pointing out that the reference of intellectual rights is granted to the Portal exclusively.  

On the basis of the aforementioned disclaimers, it is not permissible in any way to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, download, transfer, distribute, display, edit or create any product derived from any materials or content from this Portal to the public, or for commercial purposes, without RIC’s prior written consent.

Usage Agreement

When using RIC Portal, users acknowledge refraining from the following:  

  • Uploading documents or files with computer viruses, corrupted data, or malicious software on the Portal.  
  • Uploading documents or files with obscene language or expressions against public morality for the purpose of defaming, vilifying, or insulting both implicitly and explicitly on the Portal.   
  • Engaging, through the Portal, in illegal or unlawful activities in Saudi Arabia.  
  • Uploading files with unauthorized or unwanted software, material, data, or information on the Portal. 
  • Exploiting any tool, software, or action to intercept or attempt to intercept the way the Portal operates or try to hack it. 
  • Exploiting the Portal, by any means, to send a commercial or spam email or performing any similar misuse.
  • Carrying out any action that is inappropriate or can create a huge burden on the Portal infrastructure.  
  • Posting, advertising, or circulating any content or information that involves defamation or laws violation.   
  • Posting content that is against the Islamic principles or public mortality in the Portal.
  • Using the Portal to promote any illegal products or services. 
  • Using the Portal online services unprofessionally and misusing its services deliberately.


Links to and from the Portal

Using RIC Portal

It is not permitted to transfer, copy, or create online links for any content on the Portal, along with presenting the content within a frame, with the exemption of the following: 

  • Users may share the Portal links in other websites, provided that the goals and guidelines of such websites are not incompatible with the objectives, policies, and frameworks of the Portal.    
  • RIC is not considered, in no case, to be incorporated or linked, in any way, with any brands, logos, commercial or service symbols, or any other tools used or displayed on the websites linked to this Portal or its contents.
  • RIC reserves its full rights to stop and disable, in any way, any hyperlink with any website that contains inappropriate, offensive, obscene, pornographic, objectionable, or unlawful topics, or names, materials, or information that violate any law or regulation, or violate intellectual property, privacy or advertising. 
  • RIC reserves its right to disable any unauthorized hyperlink, in any way, and the Company will not bear any responsibility for the content posted on any other site, which can be accessed via this Portal, or through which the Portal can be accessed. 


External Links on RIC Portal

The Portal offers external links to other portals to facilitate browsing. RIC is not liable or deemed approving the content or reliability of these portals. Accordingly, using any of these links to access these websites or portals is considered at the user’s own risk.     


RIC Portal provides online services and information about various government entities and agencies to facilitate manual procedures merely. As such, the user acknowledges, with full consciousness, that connection may experience spamming or eavesdropping by another party via the Internet, and that the Portal does not change the information provided by authorities.     

Accordingly, the use of the Portal is the sole responsibility of the user and the Company is not liable, in any case, for any loss or damage, of any kind, suffered by the user as a result of using or accessing the Portal, utilizing any statement, opinion, or advertisement posted on the Portal, experiencing any issue that causes operation delay, connection failure, Internet access problems, hardware or software malfunctions, or as a result of a behavior or idea from any user of the Portal. With that in mind, the user acknowledges and accepts that the only exclusive way of fixing any loss or damage resulting from visiting or using the Portal is by no longer using or logging in the Portal.      


The user declares not to take any action against RIC, or its departments, without being liable or its entity, employees, or agents in charge of managing, miniating, updating or providing the Portal, from all obligations of any claim arising from any violation of terms and condition of use, or any existing laws and regulations by the user either in Saudi Arabia or place of residency.       

Protection against Viruses

RIC exerts all possible efforts in screening and testing the Portal content during all production stages. The Company recommends users to screen all materials before they are downloaded by using anti-virus software. Moreover, the company is not liable for any loss, disruption, or damage to the user’s data or computer, which could occur during connecting with the Portal or using its content.       


Judicial authorities inside Saudi Arabia have jurisdiction over all claims and disputes arising from using this Portal. Arabic is the official language used to resolve any disputes arising from the use of the Portal and its content.   

Portal Access Suspension

RIC may, at its absolute discretion, terminate, restrict, or suspend user’s access to or use of the Portal, without any notice and for any reason including violating terms and conditions of use, or any other behavior deemed by the company, at its absolute discretion, illegal or causing harm to others. Once the user is suspended, access to the Portal will not be possible.    

General Guidelines:

  • Arabic and English are the main languages that are used in the Portal.
  • The user may not, in any case, depend on his/her own interpretation to explain any type of information or details.  
  • All materials and information available on the portal are for awareness-purposes and not for profit. 
  • RIC reserves its full right to delete, or refrain from posting any comment or post by the Portal users, as determined by Portal management.   
  • User assumes full responsibly, before the competent authorities, for any materials or files uploaded on the Portal.  
  • For any difficulties encountered when browsing the Portal, or for any inquires, kindly contact RIC at:  http://ri.ced.sa/new/page/Contact_Us